Hello world, I’m Lorel Stevens, owner, visionary and creator of Revitalize Bodywork.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, Deeksha and Theta Healer, Personal Trainer, Yoga and Self Defense Teacher, speaker, writer and Personal Transformation Life Coach.


I have been wanting to start blogging again for at least a year and have done nothing more than come up with excuses as to why I can’t, or am not ready, or don’t know where to begin.  But the time comes when we have to get out of our own way.  There really is no perfect time, no ideal format, no best topic, no better timing than right now.  So here goes……


Blog topics were a huge source of road blocks for me.  I couldn’t decide where to begin.  So I’ve decided that there is no better place to start than with me.  I am a survivor of childhood sexual assault and a 12 year domestic violence relationship.  I was at one point overweight, in chronic pain and unhappy in my life.


My breakthrough began the day I made an agreement with myself that if I were to experience pain in my body or life, that I would rather be living life fully rather than waiting for things to get worse by living in fear.  I reached into my soul and made the decision to embark on a journey to transform myself; to move fully into my life. Taking a deep breath, I willed one foot in front of the other.  And slowly things began to shift.  I lost 60 pounds and started claiming my life back


This very basic introduction doesn’t even scratch the surface of my multi-layered life, nor will it contain or limit my potential.  I’m hell bent on personal growth, pushing my boundaries and continually renewing my definitions of and how I see myself.  But for now, this introduction will do.  What you will see going forward is my piece by piece written journey.  You will witness the damage and destruction that made up my life in the past and the multi-layered approach of what I’ve done to heal and find peace with it.  Although I acknowledge that I/we are never really done learning and growing, that there are many more layers of even past things that will surface as they are ready to be witnessed and healed, you will see what I’ve learned so far.


Be forewarned that even though I might not go into intensive, gruesome detail for shock value, that I will be putting it on the line, candidly vulnerable and there will no doubt be plenty of swear words, because that is just how I talk in person.  And honestly, it is extremely difficult not to talk about this kind of shit in any other way for me.  So if having a potty mouth and talking about walking through hell with imagery strong enough for you to get a sense of it is too much for you, then we can peacefully and respectfully part ways here.


Be well, I send you love and light, for those two vibrations transcend all space and time.grand canyon aug 2010 015

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