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Newsletter – August 2, 2019

New Studio Update - Bigger is Better! ... New Class Additions - New Teachers & Reiki/Massage Therapist! ... New Client Specials ... Join our Revitalize Bodywork Tribe! ... Keepin' It Real with Lorel ...

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Newsletter – April 2019

Revitalize Bodywork’s Newsletter April 2019 We’ve Got So Much To Give! New Staff – New Offerings – Future Expansion I’m bubbling over with excitement for all the new things to tell you about! (keep scrolling down to the end so

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Newsletter – February 2019

Revitalize Bodywork’s Newsletter February 2019 ‘We Got to Let Love Rule’ Who’s Lovin YOU?!? There is a lot of LOVE going on here at the studio! Every day through thoughtful planning and pure intention the love, and the close-knit community

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Newsletter – December 2018

Revitalize Bodywork’s Newsletter December 2018 Working, Healing & Growing in Partnership The Power of Partnership Partnership…..most of us think of this in a purely business sense, 2 or more people running a company together. But as usual, I’m talking about

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