“Lorel is a miracle worker of sorts. Reiki work has impacted me in such an amazing way both mentally and physically. It helps to calm an active and overthinking mind. It is also evident on the physical side too. Removing the “bad” things from the mind allows Lorel to work her magic on the body and I have seen an amazing change in my body since working with Lorel.” -Eric C.

“I have wanted to try yoga for years & am so glad that Lorel opened a place close enough to me that I can learn it from her. She is amazing at instruction & makes sure I’m doing my movements correctly. For the first time ever, when I leave a class I’m already looking forward to the next! She is a beautiful person with a wonderful energy allowing me to work my whole body, mind & soul!” -Amy P.

“March 3rd was a very significant day for me. It was the day I was set free. All the negative energy…all the attachments keeping me back…making peace with myself…that’s what a Reiki and Shaman session did for me. Yes, it was over the phone, but it makes no difference. If you don’t allow the healing in, it’s not gonna work. My friend and fam, Lorel Stevens, performed a fucking miracle on me. She did for me what I’ve been trying to do for years: find balance within, come to grips with my anger, clear my head of all the “noise” and help me realize Life goes on.48 hours after the process, it’s still kicking in and healing. For the first time in months, I didn’t have to force myself out of bed to get some morning fresh air and enjoy my life. I’m feeling sociable again, I feel like being around my family, and best of all, I love myself again. That may not sound like a big deal to some, but for someone who feels like he carried the weight of people’s bullshit on his shoulders because that’s all he felt like that’s all he was good for, it’s a big deal. Reiki and Shaman sessions work, ladies and gents. Be open to it, and it will do what’s supposed to do. Is this a shameless endorsement for Lorel? You bet your ass it is! She’s a professional who loves and cares about people and wants to heal people. She has a gift to do just that, and she’s using it. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with your gifts? Peace.” -Phil M.

“Lorel is an amazing bodyworker and personal trainer with a true gift for knowing what you need without you ever having to say a word. Her energy work combined with massage and her knowledge of anatomy makes her a triple threat. She will work you OUT! Highly recommend!!!” -Jaena M.

“Lorel is a loving and intuitive lightworker who can also kick butt! Love, love, love her!” -Rene G.

“This was one of the best massages I have ever had. Lorel really understood what my body needed, especially my back and shoulders, based on my various actives. I left feeling invigorated and balanced. Would highly recommend booking an appointment.” -Sam S.

“I started seeing Lorel for monthly massages before getting pregnant, and thought she was awesome then. Who knew they could get even better! Each month as I grew, she customized the treatment to suit my needs. She is caring and nurturing. I fully recommend her!!” -Melanie F.

“I am a health care professional with a 30 year tenure in medicine. In the mid 1970s I was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in bilateral tibia plateau fractures of both lower limbs and subsequent osteoarthritis of both knee joints. Recently diagnosed with stenosis of the lumbar and cervical spine and fusion of C5/C6, I have experienced a remarkable recovery and relief from daily discomfort since I began using Lorel’s massage services regularly for the past year. Her immense knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, her unique treatment techniques and her amazing physical strength and mental focus all contribute to a truly energizing and completely restorative experience.I am in my 60s and I am excited to say that I no longer need pain medication or require routine pharmaceutical therapy of any kind.” -Keith

“For the last 2 and 1/2 years or so, I have dealt with some degree if pain due to herniated disks and sciatic nerve damage. It wasn’t until I had a wonderful massage and treatment from Lorel that I can actually say I am pain free. I know who my first line of action when my back acts up again is and I am dedicated to regular massages to keep my back in line. I only wish that I had taken this step a long time ago. Thank you Lorel! You have made a difference in my life.” -Connie Zimmerlich www.clickchickphotography.com

“Massages with Lorel feel like a reward. My mind goes blank. And, I feel really joyful and at peace when I leave the table. The Reiki work supports my own ideas about the mind, body and spirit connection. Plus, it reminds me of the power I have to heal myself. Working with Lorel is transcendent.” -Shawn Vallee www.ValleeThinkFresh.com

“I have worked with Lorel Stevens for four years and am very excited to recommend Lorel as both a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. Her ability to work with my physical restrictions has been truly amazing. She finds ways to adapt exercises for me and keep me working towards my goal. Lorel is also the best massage therapist that I have had the pleasure of working with.” -Susane Paro

“A little over two months ago I hired Lorel as a personal trainer. In high school and college I was an athlete. Later in life I suffered two traumatic car accidents which were debilitating. On top of this, I gave birth to a daughter. I was apprehensive to begin going to the gym again. I suffered from constant backaches and low energy. Over the course of the two months I have seen my strength improve, my back pain subside and my overall health improve. As an added bonus I have dropped inches and pounds! Lorel has an amazing gift for knowing just how far to push me physically and mentally. She is also teaching me to listen to my body when I need to back down a little. It feels like a re-birth of my body and soul. I highly recommend Lorel as a personal trainer.” -Stacey

“I have known Lorel for well over 20 years. I have been fortunate enough to have had her work on me. I spent a year in Iraq and suffered a handful of injuries, all of which were attended to by Lorel. She has not only helped me to understand the recovery process, but with her work, has tremendously assisted in both the recovery and therapy processes. She has also taught me ways to do things myself that have helped more than most, if not all of the military doctors I have seen. I will continue to trust my body to her, and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does, as well as attentive to what your individual issues are, and is first rate at what she does.” -SGT G

“Lorel has been doing body work on me for about a year now and she has worked miracles. Her soothing, calm energy & presence sets the tone the second you walk in her room. She’s helped me get through rough times with her energy work, realign my body when something’s off, and helped me work through muscle soreness and tenderness from exercise. I am on my feet all day standing and get a lot of lower & upper back pain. It’s amazing how much this has lessened since I’ve been seeing Lorel on a regular basis. She’s as good as they get!!! Thanks Lorel.” -Maggie, Modify www.modifyaz.com

“Working in construction, and being a martial arts fighter, wears heavy on my body, but at the end of the day I have one person I can count on. This person is Lorel Stevens, with Revitalize Bodywork! She is hands down the best massage therapist I have experienced. Lorel doesn’t just come in and put lotion on you, she finds out what exactly is the problem. She also helps me relax mentally after a long day at work. Work and training not only takes a physical strain on me but a lot of mental as well. When I’m laying there it all goes away. She just some how takes it to another level. There’s not much more I can say, but try it for yourself, it is worth it!” -Theo Lamb

“As a professional Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor my body is constantly takes a beating on the mats. After a few sessions with Lorel, I felt the pain in my neck go away and my overall performance and health have become much better. She has helped my health not only through massage, but also by suggesting certain stretches and exercises that have helped the overall structure of by back, neck, and spine. After every session, I feel lucky to have her on our team.” -John Botello, 10th Planet JJ Phoenix

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping in my journey to re-open my mind & the bodywork you did on me. I truly had believed my back was screwed up for life, but you taught me to heal it with my mind & mother earth. Thank you!” -Bobby

“Revitalize Bodywork has always gone out of their way to make my sessions as comfortable, peaceful, and as powerful as they can be, by making sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am comfortable and in a ‘healing state’ of mind!! They’re the best at what they do and where they do it!!” -Ti Daly

“Lorel has been working with my lower back pain and overall well being. I have experienced incredible progress with her therapy including a significant decrease in pain. She has done more for me then all medical interventions. Lorel has a special touch that immediately makes you feel comfortable. She is amazing!” -Melanie

“I think her hands have magical healing powers….she really tunes into my specific needs. Lorel has an ability to just ‘know’ the perfect pressure to use, what areas need extra attention at the moment and how to correct and adjust my body on all levels.” -Anthony Nocifera